How Do I Convert A Closet To Office Storage? 5 Easy Steps

But that doesn’t t mean that it’s the only component of an office. Beyond the desk, you get to be a little creative and make your converted closet office into your own. She started by measuring the space, so she could find a small closet to office conversion desk and chair that would fit perfectly into the nook. The most laborious part of the process was applying wallpaper around the space—Clark chose peel and stick, so it’ll come off easily when or if she wants to take it down.

According to experts, how you paint a room has a lot to do with your feelings. If you want to feel more focused, blue or gray is considered the right color. In opposed to it, warm tones like orange or yellow ignite creativity and passion. You have literally converted a closet into an office. So, here’s how you should use the closet for organizing office supplies. As for the height, it depends on how tall you actually are.

Portable Desk Air Purifier

Feel free to buy a desk with built-in drawers or make your own. Then get drawer slides and attach your DIY drawers to the desktop. Following closely is the New York metro area, with 5,215 new apartments planned from former office spaces.

Now of course, you could purchase a desk that will fit your closet or nook area, however I like the idea of it being more of a built-in feature. That said, with cloud-based everything, it may be possible for you to fit in more than you thought possible, even if it isn’t physically in your closet office. Sure, it would be great to have anything and everything you want in your home office. After all, there’s nothing wrong with having a beautifully furnished office. There may be times, though, when you have to compromise.

Why I Ditched a WFH Desk for the…Floor

If it does, consider adding a few plants to the room’s decor. If you have a window, renovate the room so your desk can be beneath it for a beautiful view. Here is where closet office ideas truly shine; these closets often have plenty of space for both clothes and a home office. It does take more planning to pull it off, but it’s worth the effort. Walk-in closets offer so much flexibility and creativity when it comes to crafting a beautiful office space. Working with a closet this size is almost like designing a small room instead of a tiny office nook.

A simple painted board forms the desk, but you’d never know that from looking at it. The first thing you’ll need to do is look at your closet’s current shelving. You’ll need to assess whether you can reuse some of it.

Unexpected Ways To Transform An Unused Closet

Well-organized desk, once behind closed doors, nobody would know of its existence. In this design by Redstart Construction, Inc., a closet is repurposed as a cozy and inviting workspace, with a built-in desk, open shelving, and a comfortable chair. Tired of always seeing junk mail & bills lying around? This design by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects showcases a closet-turned-office with a built-in desk and shelving, as well as a stylish wallpaper accent wall. Inserted underneath the second-floor stairs, this home office regained precious square footage. In this design by U31 Inc., a closet is transformed into a stylish and functional workspace, complete with a built-in desk, open shelving, and plenty of natural light.

  • Read more about our guide on the different types of lighting fixtures here.
  • If the closet is not a walk in, installing a custom hanging desk is likely your best choice – just have it cut to fit the size of your space.
  • After the initial layout is done, get the shelves you prepared earlier.
  • Whether you’re still working from home due to the pandemic or you’ve decided to make the switch to full-time remote work, you need a proper home office.
  • Here are some ways for you to convert your closet into an office.

Some people embrace the lack of light and create a more intimate atmosphere by adding dark colours, which also adds cosiness to the space. Feel free to use this simple DIY checklist as guidance to design a WFH closet office tailored to your taste. Here are some handpicked cloffice ideas that will help to create your own happy workspace. Keep important papers organized with a series of shelves and a rolling file cabinet. If you’re a photo junkie, create your own picture library with labeled boxes and rows of photo albums.

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