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In its Nooglers, Google looks for Googlyness, a set of qualities that allow you to thrive in the company culture. The company is run by the values of self-discipline, intellectual fortitude, and collaboration. If you have these qualities, you are the best fit for Google.

They’ll also see that you have a genuine interest in the position. Lastly, you’ll be able to set your mind at rest and move on if the outcome is the dreaded “thanks, but no thanks.” You how to follow up on a job application may have your heart set on one particular vacancy, but don’t let other roles pass you by by pinning all your hopes on it. Like it or not, recruiters and hiring managers are busy people.

How can I follow up after an interview?

They’re polite and aren’t overly familiar, ensuring you don’t accidentally cross a line. Let the hiring manager know you were excited to learn about the opportunity and to have a chance to submit your application. You don’t have to go into detail; a simple statement is usually enough. Before you hop into your email, start with a simple greeting.

Give this article a read to find the know-how with a list of skills for your resume. I’ve just received a job offer which I’ll be happy to turn down if you’d care to have a look at my writing and give me a go. Email is a quick and convenient way to follow up on your job application. In fact, it just might be the best way to follow up on a job application. OK, so now you’ve decided on the how, it’s time to take care of the when. Not only is it an excellent way to keep in touch, it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate the size of your network and your position within the industry.

Wait One to Two Weeks

But, it’s important to ensure that whichever way you decide to follow up, your message is crisp, concise, and professional. Post that, we recommend following up every two weeks if you haven’t heard back. Keep in mind that some companies have a high volume of applicants and might take longer to review them all. Before you attend the interview, it’s important to research the company to gain a better understanding of their products, services, and mission. Visit their website, read their blog, and check out their social media pages. This will give you a better understanding of the company culture and allow you to tailor your answers to better align with their values.

how long should i wait to follow up on a job application

Please let me know if there are any additional materials I can send to enhance my candidacy. Otherwise, I will look forward to speaking with you soon. Finally, make sure you say “thank you” somewhere in your message. It lets the hiring manager know that you appreciate them and that matters. If your email subject line isn’t clear, the hiring manager may not assume that your email is important.

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