GTH 20012 CY – GTH 20013 CO

The self-cleaning pulse filter system is designed to exceed the expectations of power plant operators worldwide. It offers high filtration efficiency, lower operating differential pressure and extended filter life. The system’s automatic pulse cleaning system ensures that requires significantly less maintenance than other intake systems – making it the best choice for remote or difficult-to-access locations. Additionally, the pulse-cleaning operation keeps the system pressure drop low, enabling the turbine to run at peak efficiency, maximizing power output.

AGM-GT Media* – HIGH-EFFICIENCY FILTERS is a key component of the gas turbine system. AGM-GT Media* technology delivers superior turbine protection. AGM-GT Media* technology is comprised of a fine, even web of fibers bonded on the upstream side of a filter media substrate (either a natural/synthetic blend). Media of cellulose & synthetic fibres, providing excellent dust dislodgement even in hight humidity & increases filtration efficiency. The enhanced surface loading improves the effectiveness of the pulse cleaning. Outer and inner tubes in galvenized steel. End covers in galvanized steel. Seals or closed cell neoprene (or polyurethane) bonded to the end cover with very strong adhesive, so that new gaskets are provided at each filter change.

*Mixture Of Cellulose & Polyester Media (Blended) & FR
*AGM-GT Media* & FR