The CCV oil mist separator series was developed specifically for closed crankcase ventilation purposes on internal combustion engines.

The range of applications covers heavy-duty and off-highway engines from 50 kW to about 20 MW for use in combined heat and power plants (chp), ships and all other fields of use for internal combustion engines.

              The CCV oil mist separators are driven by the engine’s turbocharger. So filters are designed that they can be operated by the turbo-supercharger of the engine.

This oil mist seperator filters have a lifetime from 4.000 hours of up to 32.000 hours; depending on the design.

During this time there should be no need to change any filter insert, or for any maintenance

              An optional membrane gas controller on the unit holds the crankcase exactly at desired underpressure in crankcase, even with variable operating conditions.

For safe functioning of the control and in order to avoid an unacceptable pressure rise in the crankcase, our filter has a very low pressure loss.

For MWM engines (series TCG) compact blow by filters are used, consisting of 2 parts:

* First part is outer filter

* Second part is inner filter

This double filtration system provides high quality cleaning and at the same time using 2 parts filter increases the lifetime of the filters

              The requirements on the material and further processing – particularly for the oil mist separation in the closed crankcase ventilation – are extremely high

The filter material must meet with the following criteria:

* Highly efficient separation behaviour

* Low pressure drop

* Temperature resistance

              Every engine manufacturer faces the problem with cleaning of crankcase blow-by gasses from oil and solid particles.

Poor cleaning of blow-by gasses leads up too many problems;

* Rapid wear of cyclinder heads, valves and valve chambers

* Significantly reduces turbocharger efficiency

* The high efficiency filter prevents fouling of the turbocharger and after-cooler.

Serious power reduction and knocking problems are the consequences.

The use of wrong filters can have negative effects on the motor performance and the service life of motor components or the motor as a whole

In most cases, wrong filter materials are the cause of a poor separation performance and short service life of the oil mist separators – with severe consequences for the motor and the plant operator.